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Mini Happy Egg Scope


 mini blue1

Mini Happy EGG Scope
Perfectly designed Mini Happy EGG scope. Plastic moulded body with triplet lens in cute egg shape with 10x magnification.




Table-up View (Arrows)
When Diamond’s table parallel to the scope lens ,you can view the eight arrows properly. 

Table up position to view Arrows pattern in Scope, The viewer need to be centered over the center of the diamond.
To see all eight arrows in perfect alignment, (a must for H&A stones) Due to Mini scope is well developed by H&A comapny,it's unnecessary to move one’s head  in focus.
This is because the viewer’s eye must be precisely over the center of viewer opening.
Eight pairs of small white triangular patterns may be visible, parallel to each other, in the star facet between each arrowhead. 


Table-down View (Hearts)
Diamond need to  be centered directly over the exact center point of the viewer’s base and the viewer’s opening Table down position to view Hearts pattern in Mini Happy EGG Scope (Hearts and Arrows diamond viewer).
Table down position to view Hearts pattern in viewer
In order to see the hearts correctly,Diamond need to  be centered exactly over the culet ,
When the viewer is centered directly over the diamond’s culet, it's unnecessary to move one’s head back and forth (slightly) to see all eight hearts if it's a perfect H&A diamond.

These must all appear the same and show the same amount of space between each heart’s bottom point.
Because the Mini egg loupe uses a 10x power lens, some inclusions may show up or even reflect in the heart images.



MINI BLUE EGGMini egg is easily to use.



mini Egg 01S The patten shown clearly under mini egg scope.


HA Percentage 

See above picture, Which is a better Hearts & Arrows Diamond?   A or B ? 
User can easily  compare with the good cutting H&A by their eyes.

You deserve to have a lovely mini happy egg.  it's affordable and useful .